Dr. Andre Rodrigues

As an athlete who participated in physically demanding sports including soccer, football, and rugby, Dr. Andre has always had a keen interest in body optimization and peak performance. This interest in health and fitness combined with a desire to help others lead him to pursue a Bachelor in Kinesiology followed by a degree in Doctor of Chiropractic.


Since 2006 Dr. Andre’s practice has grown to include treating patients injured from motor vehicle accidents, sports activities and pain conditions relating to overuse and aging. Presently at Dixie Dundas Chiropractic & Acupuncture Clinic, Dr. Andre enjoys providing care to patients of all ages including children. In addition to treating acute and chronic conditions, Dr. Andre also focuses on maintenance care to help take patients’ health to a higher level of wellness. Using a number of specialized Chiropractic techniques to correct the spine combined with spinal rehabilitation exercises, Dr. Andre has helped patients resolve their pain and lead an active life again.


When asked why he loves Chiropractic so much, his answer certainly reflects his passion and dedication to this holistic approach to health care: “Chiropractic made total sense to me. The ability to maintain proper spinal motion and assist the body to achieve its highest level of performance without drugs and surgeries is as simple and elegant a solution to health as you can get.”


Aside from Chiropractic, Dr. Andre’s other passions involve his family, golf, traveling, off-the-grid cottaging and anything dog-related.    

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