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A good attitude is essential for tackling the ongoing challenges of the coronavirus pandemic and the changes it has created in our day-to-day lives. Taking care of your health by addressing pain and then finding time for physical activity, rest, time in nature, and safe socializing can help lessen stress and anxiety.

Think Positively

When optimism is hard to muster, cognitive-behavioral therapy, which trains people to recognize negative thinking patterns and replace them with more constructive ones, can also help reduce the risk of chronic stress and depression.

Get Out and Enjoy Nature

While modern civilization has made our lives more convenient, it has deprived us of an essential source of stress relief—connection with nature. Studies show that interacting with nature can help lessen the effects of stress on the nervous system, reduce attention deficits, decrease aggression, and enhance spiritual well-being.

Use Humor to Find Perspective

Humor relieves stress and anxiety and prevents depression, helping put our troubles in perspective. Laughter can help increase pain tolerance, enhance mood and creativity, and lower blood pressure, potentially improving treatment outcomes for several health problems.

Build a Support System

Relationships are key to health and happiness in both men and women, and loneliness may contribute to stress. Building a social support system helps people maintain a higher quality of life. Today’s technologies, such as email, texting, and Zoom calls, make it easier than ever to stay connected.

Try Exercise

Outdoor activities such as walking, biking, tennis, golf, and other non-contact activities are great options for those avoiding the gym and health clubs. It’s always important to start slowly and with warmed up muscles. Doing too much too quickly can cause an injury that could take time to heal. This time of year, we’ll also be starting the fall yard work. Treat this with respect. We see too many back strains and injuries caused by improper posture and bending. Make sure you stretch your muscles and warm-up before beginning a strenuous activity such as raking.

As always, we are here to serve your health needs.

Excerpts from the ACA


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