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Happy New Year and Welcome to 2023!

Blue paper with gold stars that says 2023

This time of year gives all of us the opportunity to start fresh. We’ve spent the last few years learning worrying about our health due to the pandemic. For many, 2023 is a key year to set goals around improving our health and our lifestyles. The term “Wellness” has taken off. Wellness isn’t “just not being sick”, it’s an elevation of our body’s natural ability to maintain a higher state of health. We don’t get there without doing the work. Throughout the month of January, we’d like to share with you some of the ways you can move your body to a higher state of wellness. We will look at some simple ways to improve on the basics, and we’ll look at the role chiropractic can play to help our bodies stay in balance. We can’t discuss wellness without also looking at our mental health, which plays such an important role in how our bodies respond to stress and disease.

I hope you will find this information interesting and motivational. We are all responsible for the health and wellness of our bodies. Please, if you are enjoying this series, make sure to subscribe to receive our weekly blog and, by all means, share it with those you love.

Yours in Health & Wellness Dr. Andre


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