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Get a Healthy Start to the New Year

Happy New Year! I am confident that we are all looking forward to 2021 and the hope that the efforts to stop the pandemic come to fruition quickly. Many of you have been personally touched by the virus and may still be struggling with lingering symptoms or grief from the loss of a loved one. Our hearts and prayers go out to each one of you.

For those that have been fortunate to stay healthy, do not let your guard down yet. Now, more than ever, we must each focus on our wellness. I say wellness, instead of health because, for many, health is perceived as “not sick”, while wellness is a daily choice to do things to ensure that the body is functioning at its optimal level. Nutrition, supplementation, exercise, and proper rest should all be components of your wellness plan for 2021. If you are not sure where to start, we are here for you and can help guide you in crafting your 2021 wellness plan.

We continue to see many patients experience musculoskeletal issues –it may be back-pain or headaches, joint pain, or arthritis. All these issues should not go untreated, as they affect overall wellness.

This month we will be blogging about how chiropractic can help with managing headaches as well as looking at how sleep, and the lack of sleep can have a serious impact on our bodies.

We are hopeful as we enter the New Year, and we look forward to working with you to help you on your journey to true WELLNESS.

All the best in 2021,

Dr. Andre & Dr. Thao


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